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newspaper April 21 (Reporter correspondent Chen Songtao Wulin Peng Chen Tan) after a curtain opened storefront, fake Nike shoes actually filled a warehouse. This morning, the City of North Branch Trade and Industry seized by law enforcement officers in the brigade Taitung Shoes seized a store selling fake Nike shoes, the scene seized fake Nike sneakers more than 300 pairs, and the other suspected storage warehouse seized fake Nike shoes. Recently, the US strike force Nike to North Branch Trade and Industry Report: "Taitung shoes city has a store selling fake Nike." This morning, the reporter with the law enforcement officers came to the shoe city, in the third floor of a store, Law enforcement officers found on more than 20 square meters of shelves filled with "Nike" shoes, the shoes, the label indicates below, the price per pair is 300 yuan, and from the outside looks exactly like authentic Nike shoes, counterfeiting personnel at the scene We find that these are counterfeit products. Law enforcement officers the female clerk to produce relevant proof of purchase such as invoices, the female clerk said the boss is away, she did not know. inspect Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ion, a law enforcement officer poke a curtain shop, found within more than 10 square meters of warehouses filled with "Nike" shoes. Law enforcement officers went in and saw these "Nike" shoes in the box all the English flag, open shoes, packaging, found mostly sneakers, on the spot identified as fake Nike sneakers. In another warehouse the warehouse next to the locked door, the clerk said the boss in the field of purchase, she had no key, law enforcement officials had sealed the warehouse. According to law enforcement officers to statistics, the scene discovered the "Nike" shoes, totaling more than 300 pairs, involving several million. According to reports, the "Nike" shoes most produced in Guangdong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region, the purchase price is generally one pair of 30-50 yuan, while the regular product prices generally in a thousand dollars. Trade and Industry officials said the discovery of counterfeit brand-name clothing, shoes and hats can call 12315 telephone report.said before we see the red suede AJ10, now it has been identified, is a double production in 2006 in the Air Jordan 10 SE samples, the body of the shoe selection of red cheap foamposites for sale suede materials, two joints only in the medial and heel, and solid materials, quality sense. Converse Japan division again overwhelmed by geographical reasons, local launched limited shoes Converse, All, Star, Hunting-Jacket, Hi, Converse, Hunting, Club list. The design is based on the jacket style. The design of the fold is similar to the collar of the jacket, and the shoe color is like the traditional jacket design. This single item will be sold on September in Converse, Japan, and interested local friends may wish to refer to it.2013, Prada (Prada) latest new high-top shoes, so that movement has become unparalleled luxury, from the appearance, design and texture is absolutely not popular shoes, the perfect combination of fashion and sports. We may as well show Xiaobian with Kazakhstan to pick one pair of Prada high-top sneakers, right2013, Prada (Prada) latest new high-top sneakers, so sports and fashion the perfect combination of luxury, whether it is the texture or appearance, give a feeling of extravagance. Prada (Prada) has been designed from the royal family and the love and pursuit of high society, it reflects the value has been regar Retro jordans for sale ded as extraordinary in everyday life to enjoy.PRADA latest new high-top sneakers, from the appearance, design and texture is absolutely not popular shoes, solid material with a soft sheepskin advanced NAPPA, durable calfskin and suede CALF based. Divided into two different textures, have their own characteristics. Not bad money, tired of resistance adidas, maybe you can try the feeling of luxury!In which several shoes, sheepskin design using bright skin to increase its mature sense of luxury, simple black and white or black shades also symbolize their identity. And bring a little bit casual suede styles add flavor, suitable for tourism and leisure wear, is divided into two different textures, have their own characteristics.PRADA new 2013 high-top sneakers push new outdoor sports luxury, bring a little bit casual suede styles add flavor, suitable for tourism and leisure wear. Each shoe tongue abnormal generous PRADA logo sewn with red, each starting price of 6,300 Hong Kong dollars. Interested friends can go to Hong Kong PRADA shops look.Streets in the shoes of the era, if you are tired of watching the world of Nike or Adidas, or even buy one get on foamposites for cheap e to resist domestic brand shoes, maybe you can try a change of taste, and Prada (Prada) 2013 new high-top shoes, absolutely fashion wear for your add color, so your whole more luxurious.Footpatrol x Reebok Classic Leather Mid R12 co-branded version tushang 2013-12-09 00:08:52 British shoe shop Footpatrol recently teamed Reebok, together to create a very special joint for. Shoes with Classic Leather Mid R12 modeled departure, implanted in the outdoor footwear design concept, remodeling of this classic model, and named Footpatrol x Reebok Classic Leather Mid R12 "On the Rocks". Brown shoes using a tone, with coarse knitting purple tone laces and collar, and the collar position neoprene joined in a circle, in order to improve the wearing comfort; shoes mounted on the hiking boots Common D-shoe buckle, the outsole also into a new set of lines, in order to adapt to the rugged mountain. Currently this shoe has been the major designated shops for sale in a foreign country, did not start with a friend may wish to adopt this Photos Buy appreciate some. Kendall Shaw Palma network sneakers sun latest collections 2014-05-0 jordans for sale 6 22:51:53 Los Angeles Lakers point guard Kendall Shaw Palma again on the network before drying out new shoes they receive, which contains the concern of Air Jordan 6 championship cigar suit, in addition to two upcoming month Air Jordan 2 Retro sale as well as the Jordan Future camouflage color, etc., really envy. we will soon usher in the end of Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue", but Jordan Brand seems intent on expanding the color onto other shoes, recently released a pair of brand for us the color of the Jordan Velocity, shoes whole white building, blue embellishment details, and finally to the ice blue translucent outsole presentation, overall clean and extremely delightful. It is reported that the shoes will soon be on sale, item number 688975-117, interested friends might concern you. Nike Neymar to join hands to launch "poison Feng" Liquid Diamond boots 2015-01-27 11:54:35 Football Neymar is vital for the family as well. Neymar and his sister Raffaella diamond tattoo on their arm assurance of their intimacy. Neymar's top diamond tattoos, also tattooed "sorella" (Italian "sister" meaning) words, the top of the tattooed tattoo Raffaella "f jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ratello" (Italian "brother" means). "The diamond pattern is me and my sister went to land that time, we would like pattern with a pattern, because diamonds are very rare, just as I love my sister. So we decided to express their love to each other in such a manner "Neymar said. "Diamond is a simple shape, but very beautiful, but is a rare and unique jewelry, which attracted me, and reminds me of my relationship with Rafah." Whether inside and outside the stadium, Neymar are outstanding. Nike design team faced the challenge is how to ensure Neymar combat footwear as it were, is unique. 2013, Neymar in Rio de Janeiro announced the first generation of "poison front" boots, and launched the Gold version of football in 2014 summer. This year is the eighth year Neymar become Nike signing players, he will launch a "poison Feng" Liquid Diamond shoes. Neymar and "poison Feng" Liquid Diamond boots Neymar love for diamonds for the Nike design team to design such a unique color to provide inspiration. ? Max Blau, vice president of Nike soccer footwear, said: "Neymar playing style and personality inspired us to break through the defense of his inspiration when action is so smooth, reminds us of the flow in water between stone therefore, us. changes initially reflected diamond design elements, but in the upper to create a liquid diamond beauty. " "poison front" of NikeSkin uppers show a textured canvas texture to enhance the three-dimensional color effect. After the trial a number of different colors, "poison Feng" Liquid Diamond boots emerged, colorful hues and Neymar personality complement each other. "I think that this shoe will be different, because it can bring vitality and dynamism of pleasure I believe this shoe reflects our bold and cheerful nature.." & Nbsp; - Neymar "poison Feng" Liquid Diamond boots will be available through since January be good at the Grape JBF Customs Air, a designer who specializes in implanting reptiles elements into a customized shoe, and recently launched a new "Jordan Black 5" ". Jordan Air 5 "Grape Black" as the template, on the basis of the JBF commonly used to add the black shark skin, snake lines, crocodile skin texture of the combination of accessories. The tongue on the trapeze LOGO still uses the whole black leather logo, overall more texture. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: soledesigned by Hiranao Tsuboi watches can be said to be completely subvert the traditional watch design. Who is said to have to watch the design style of play table? Hiranao Tsuboi will be the traditional design to watch strap inserted into the LED bulb and accurate with its LED bulb light show time, not only at the same time as the general aesthetic bracelet is add practical view of time, it is representative of a watch reform style, very admirable. (147.41 KB) download (86.06 KB) black Hyperfuse structure provides a lightweight and breathable, with metallic silver and dark gray, in the bottom of the built-in Zoom Air forefoot cushioning, this black / metallic silver / dark grey Nike Hyperquickness is now on sale.Sports players adidas Originals 2012 autumn and winter preview 2012-06-29 10:50:58 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: 1626 Community] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 29 hearing, adidas Originals 2012 autumn and winter product preview held in Shanghai and Beijing, winter 2012, adidas Originals adhere to the original, inspired by the adidas brilliant design tradition, the influx of people to build the amount of body today stylish fashion. 1 2 & nbsp; Related news this year, once the foot of Kobe's "Audi TT" resume seems to have no expectations of success, several colors and not too much new ideas, coupled with the contraction of the configuration chilling. Next, Adidas Crazy 1 will continue to be engraved, and now a full black color has been sold in some shops, like "black soul" friends can pay attention to. NIKE recently released a Nike Zoom Kobe V PE Shannon Brown Lakers' Throw It Down 'player color, the finals will be in tomorrow's battle, I believe in the support of his teammates, the Lakers will go all out against the military Lvshan Celts, the color I believe we already know, here is not long introduced, together to enjoy the picture! ^6, K; * (w L !